Spring Box Trail Hike

Yesterday, Padraic and I checked out a spot I've been meaning to explore for a while: the Spring Box Trail in Santa Cruz. It runs adjacent to the UCSC campus and rambles in and out of redwood forest and open trails surrounded by oak trees. I don't know what the history is behind these spring boxes, but rumor is that locals set koi and goldfish free in these concrete boxes, and the fish some how manage to avoid getting eaten by raccoons. There are also lime kilns from the 1850s nearby! Needless to say, I left with inspiration for another photoshoot. :)

SpringBox-010 00DIP1 SpringBox-041 SpringBox-065 SpringBox-067 00DIP2 SpringBox-126 00DIP4SpringBox-07200DIP3 SpringBox-142 SpringBox-145 SpringBox-150 SpringBox-238 SpringBox-210 SpringBox-255 SpringBox-326 SpringBox-339 SpringBox-353 SpringBox-362


Ariella & Elliot

Santa Barbara Photographer | Ocean People Project

These two. This day was one of the coldest in Santa Barbara, but I am lucky enough to have friends that indulge my somewhat insane impulses. The Ocean People Project is something I've been working on for a while now. It's simple: people run into the ocean with their clothes on (the more formal or outlandish, the better). This is the first one I've published on my site because I'm trying to come up with a more complete collection before posting. More to come...

AriellaElliot-014 AriellaElliot-015 AriellaElliot-025 AriellaElliot-026 AriellaElliot-027 AriellaElliot-028 AriellaElliot-029 AriellaElliot-033 AriellaElliot-032 AriellaElliot-036 AriellaElliot-044 AriellaElliot-046 AriellaElliot-049 AriellaElliot-050 AriellaElliot-055 AriellaElliot-059 AriellaElliot-062


Classic California | UCSB Class of 2015 Senior Portraits | Santa Barbara County

This senior shoot was definitely one of a kind. I would simply describe Nicole as "fabulous." She is funny, energetic, and probably the most adventurous person I've had the pleasure of working with so far; this is evident in her train trestle and ocean photos. She spent a semester at sea traveling the world and used some scarves from her travels for part of the shoot. During our consultation she recited a disturbing-yet-wonderful poem she had written off the top of her head. I think that says it all – she is an interesting, fabulous human being. And I hope these photos reflect that! Thanks again, Nicole!

Nicole-074 Nicole-018 Nicole-055 00DIP1 Nicole-068 Nicole-065 Nicole-087 Nicole-098 Nicole-103 Nicole-108 Nicole-112 00DIP2 Nicole-123 Nicole-133 00DIP3 Nicole-165 Nicole-166 Nicole-183 00DIP4 Nicole-139 Nicole-198 Nicole-203 Nicole-315 00DIP7 Nicole-322 Nicole-340 Nicole-358 00DIP8 Nicole-370 Nicole-374 Nicole-378 Nicole-389 Nicole-396 Nicole-288 Nicole-261 Nicole-265 Nicole-269 Nicole-299 Nicole-257 00DIP5 Nicole-302


El Capitan Canyon & Gaviota State Park

I don't think either of us knew what we were getting into for this shoot. This was the first time I had been to both of these places (the train trestle and the wind caves), and based on some vague research into each, I had certain expectations. One thing I didn't expect was a 60-foot section of nearly vertical climbing to get to the caves. Needless to say, Joré was definitely more in shape than I was. She is involved in theater at UCSB (I love theater people!), and I had a great time working with her.

Joré-101 00DIP1 Joré-013 Joré-039 00DIP2 Joré-061 Joré-108 Joré-066 00DIP3 Joré-086 Joré-119 Joré-122 Joré-137 00DIP4 Joré-157 Joré-155 Joré-145 Joré-162 Joré-181 00DIP5 Joré-194 Joré-197 00DIP6 Joré-20800DIP7 Joré-202 Joré-230 Joré-212 Joré-238 Joré-246

Cacti Self-Portraits


I was inspired by a senior session the night before (photos to come) to return to this spot and take some self-portraits with these cacti. Aren't they cool? It's all around a great spot because there aren't many people around (the most awkward part about taking self-portraits), and it's right by the UCSB lagoon – you don't have to go far around here to find a variety of biomes.

Also, I'm not a fashion blogger, but I just have to say that this whole outfit was purchased at Crossroads (at different points in time) for less than $20. That's a Lucky Brand shirt and a J. Crew sweater right there. Boom.

DianeCacti-089 DianeCacti-155 00DIP1 DianeCacti-099 DianeCacti-129 DianeCacti-174 DianeCacti-249 DianeCacti-288 DianeCacti-261 DianeCacti-311 DianeCacti-244 DianeCacti-207 DianeCacti-196

Julia K.

Goleta, California Photographer | UCSB Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

I just love working with seniors! For the first (and last) time, I am also a college senior, and it's so fun to be surrounded by so much enthusiasm for UCSB and graduation. Julia and I were able to get some great shots over at the Butterfly Preserve – isn't her smile contagious?

JuliaK-023 JuliaK-050 JuliaK-056 DIP1 JuliaK-127 JuliaK-145 JuliaK-158 JuliaK-166 DIP2 JuliaK-206 JuliaK-211 JuliaK-214 JuliaK-226 DIP3 JuliaK-232 JuliaK-243 JuliaK-248 JuliaK-257 JuliaK-271 JuliaK-283 JuliaK-301 JuliaK-302 JuliaK-308 JuliaK-314 JuliaK-334 JuliaK-342 DIP4 JuliaK-346 JuliaK-349 DIP5 JuliaK-371

Alex & Mike


Alex & Mike recently got engaged, and we had a great time wandering around the Funk Zone and beach area of Downtown Santa Barbara. They moved here from New Jersey not too long ago, and I'm glad because it meant I got to work with them! I love the industrial feel of the beginning shots, followed by the soft, romantic tones of the ending after the sun had set. Such a sweet, attractive couple. :-)

AlexMikey-011 AlexMikey-015 AlexMikey-019 AlexMikey-032 AlexMikey-035 AlexMikey-048 DIP1 AlexMikey-059 AlexMikey-062 AlexMikey-064 AlexMikey-071 AlexMikey-078 AlexMikey-083 AlexMikey-089 AlexMikey-094 AlexMikey-095 AlexMikey-096 AlexMikey-104 AlexMikey-106 AlexMikey-109 AlexMikey-121 AlexMikey-125 AlexMikey-130 DIP2 AlexMikey-136 AlexMikey-138 AlexMikey-143 AlexMikey-145 AlexMikey-151 AlexMikey-153 AlexMikey-158 AlexMikey-164AlexMikey-159

Krissy & Erik

Goleta, California

The day of this shoot was the 3-year anniversary of when Erik first proposed to Krissy, so I thought it was sweet that we got to incorporate their wedding attire into some of the shots. They are an amazing couple with awesome style. Thanks again, Krissy & Erik!





Pyracantha Self-Portraits

I wanted to plant succulents to take to my apartment at school, and I had to trim the burro tail one to transport it. Since there were these pretty long strands of succulent, I couldn't let them go to waste. I also didn't have a model handy, so I decided to wear a succulent crown myself. However, the self-portraits were much easier said than done. I haven't taken outdoor self-portraits for a long time, and when I last did so, I was shooting on automatic, which was way easier. But shooting manual to get the exact effect you want requires you to be constantly adjusting settings, so even with a flip-screen and a remote trigger, it was a struggle. I even decided the crown looked kind of dumb, but here are the few surviving images.