Cassandra & Steve

South Lake Tahoe Photographer | Lupine field photo session

These two lovely people found a perfect spot for us to shoot in South Lake Tahoe. The area was so breathtaking – a meadow, a river, and a lupine field all on the edge of the lake – making for some truly beautiful shots. Thanks, Cassandra and Steve! I had a great time working with you.

CassandraSteve-069 CassandraSteve-036 DIP1 CassandraSteve-073 CassandraSteve-040 CassandraSteve-054 CassandraSteve-057 DIP2 CassandraSteve-064 CassandraSteve-081 CassandraSteve-096 CassandraSteve-110 CassandraSteve-113 CassandraSteve-115 CassandraSteve-132 CassandraSteve-137 CassandraSteve-138 CassandraSteve-140 DIP3 CassandraSteve-159 CassandraSteve-150 CassandraSteve-172 CassandraSteve-175 CassandraSteve-183 CassandraSteve-194 CassandraSteve-199 DIP4 CassandraSteve-216 CassandraSteve-223 CassandraSteve-230 CassandraSteve-233 CassandraSteve-242 DIP5

Sydney & Alex

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA PHOTOGRAPHERYou may see a familiar face in this post. Sydney did some modeling for me in the past, so when her boyfriend Alex contacted me saying he wanted to gift her a couples session for her birthday, I was thrilled! These two are so fun to be around and so attractive - I told them they should sign up for couples modeling. Thanks again, Alex and Sydney!

SydneyAlex-074 SydneyAlex-065 SydneyAlex-025 DIP1 SydneyAlex-118 SydneyAlex-184 DIP2 SydneyAlex-198 SydneyAlex-207 SydneyAlex-210 SydneyAlex-214 SydneyAlex-219 SydneyAlex-224 SydneyAlex-230 SydneyAlex-236 SydneyAlex-246 SydneyAlex-247 SydneyAlex-254 SydneyAlex-260 SydneyAlex-262 DIP3 SydneyAlex-272 SydneyAlex-281 SydneyAlex-286 DIP4 SydneyAlex-293 SydneyAlex-298 SydneyAlex-329 DIP5 SydneyAlex-341 SydneyAlex-343 SydneyAlex-350 SydneyAlex-353 SydneyAlex-361 SydneyAlex-366

Alex & Mike


Alex & Mike recently got engaged, and we had a great time wandering around the Funk Zone and beach area of Downtown Santa Barbara. They moved here from New Jersey not too long ago, and I'm glad because it meant I got to work with them! I love the industrial feel of the beginning shots, followed by the soft, romantic tones of the ending after the sun had set. Such a sweet, attractive couple. :-)

AlexMikey-011 AlexMikey-015 AlexMikey-019 AlexMikey-032 AlexMikey-035 AlexMikey-048 DIP1 AlexMikey-059 AlexMikey-062 AlexMikey-064 AlexMikey-071 AlexMikey-078 AlexMikey-083 AlexMikey-089 AlexMikey-094 AlexMikey-095 AlexMikey-096 AlexMikey-104 AlexMikey-106 AlexMikey-109 AlexMikey-121 AlexMikey-125 AlexMikey-130 DIP2 AlexMikey-136 AlexMikey-138 AlexMikey-143 AlexMikey-145 AlexMikey-151 AlexMikey-153 AlexMikey-158 AlexMikey-164AlexMikey-159

Krissy & Erik

Goleta, California

The day of this shoot was the 3-year anniversary of when Erik first proposed to Krissy, so I thought it was sweet that we got to incorporate their wedding attire into some of the shots. They are an amazing couple with awesome style. Thanks again, Krissy & Erik!