Spring Box Trail Hike

Yesterday, Padraic and I checked out a spot I've been meaning to explore for a while: the Spring Box Trail in Santa Cruz. It runs adjacent to the UCSC campus and rambles in and out of redwood forest and open trails surrounded by oak trees. I don't know what the history is behind these spring boxes, but rumor is that locals set koi and goldfish free in these concrete boxes, and the fish some how manage to avoid getting eaten by raccoons. There are also lime kilns from the 1850s nearby! Needless to say, I left with inspiration for another photoshoot. :)

SpringBox-010 00DIP1 SpringBox-041 SpringBox-065 SpringBox-067 00DIP2 SpringBox-126 00DIP4SpringBox-07200DIP3 SpringBox-142 SpringBox-145 SpringBox-150 SpringBox-238 SpringBox-210 SpringBox-255 SpringBox-326 SpringBox-339 SpringBox-353 SpringBox-362