Lifestyle senior portraits | UCSB Class of 2015 | Santa Barbara, California

Questa came to me with her own unique vision, which I am always happy to hear. She wanted her session to portray two different sides of her personality: the quiet and the loud. I think the resulting images are lovely, and I loved being a part of making her vision come to life.

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El Capitan Canyon & Gaviota State Park

I don't think either of us knew what we were getting into for this shoot. This was the first time I had been to both of these places (the train trestle and the wind caves), and based on some vague research into each, I had certain expectations. One thing I didn't expect was a 60-foot section of nearly vertical climbing to get to the caves. Needless to say, Joré was definitely more in shape than I was. She is involved in theater at UCSB (I love theater people!), and I had a great time working with her.

Joré-101 00DIP1 Joré-013 Joré-039 00DIP2 Joré-061 Joré-108 Joré-066 00DIP3 Joré-086 Joré-119 Joré-122 Joré-137 00DIP4 Joré-157 Joré-155 Joré-145 Joré-162 Joré-181 00DIP5 Joré-194 Joré-197 00DIP6 Joré-20800DIP7 Joré-202 Joré-230 Joré-212 Joré-238 Joré-246


Knapps Castle Senior Portraits | UCSB Class of 2015 | Santa Barbara, California

Meet Natalie, another lovely UCSB senior! We had a lot of fun on this Free People-inspired shoot – especially with the bathtub! Despite the cold wind we found up in the mountains, I think the shots we got are one-of-a-kind and so warm and golden. Thanks again, Natalie! And congratulations!Natalie-312 00DIP9 Natalie-011 00DIP10 Natalie-068 Natalie-094 Natalie-091 Natalie-108 Natalie-122 00DIP11 Natalie-118 Natalie-100 00DIP1 Natalie-137 Natalie-139 00DIP12 Natalie-156 Natalie-150 00DIP5 Natalie-186 Natalie-199 00DIP4 Natalie-229 Natalie-225 Natalie-245 Natalie-240 00DIP3 Natalie-238 Natalie-269 00DIP6 Natalie-284 Natalie-287 Natalie-294 Natalie-295 Natalie-296 Natalie-353 Natalie-339 Natalie-342 Natalie-328 Natalie-360

Julia K.

Goleta, California Photographer | UCSB Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

I just love working with seniors! For the first (and last) time, I am also a college senior, and it's so fun to be surrounded by so much enthusiasm for UCSB and graduation. Julia and I were able to get some great shots over at the Butterfly Preserve – isn't her smile contagious?

JuliaK-023 JuliaK-050 JuliaK-056 DIP1 JuliaK-127 JuliaK-145 JuliaK-158 JuliaK-166 DIP2 JuliaK-206 JuliaK-211 JuliaK-214 JuliaK-226 DIP3 JuliaK-232 JuliaK-243 JuliaK-248 JuliaK-257 JuliaK-271 JuliaK-283 JuliaK-301 JuliaK-302 JuliaK-308 JuliaK-314 JuliaK-334 JuliaK-342 DIP4 JuliaK-346 JuliaK-349 DIP5 JuliaK-371



What's not to love about a red polka dot dress, California poppies, green hillsides, and red balloons? Had a great time working with Jessica - she was so enthusiastic and had many wonderful ideas. I love working with people who inspire me in new directions - and help me get through barbed wire fences!

Jessica-095 Jessica-045 Jessica-026 DIP1 Jessica-066 Jessica-086 Jessica-107 DIP2 Jessica-167 Jessica-182 Jessica-194 Jessica-158 Jessica-226 Jessica-240 Jessica-234 Jessica-244 Jessica-223 Jessica-215 Jessica-250



Thanks to Ariella for our '20s soundtrack on the way to Gaviota, for helping me not fall off miniature cliffs, and for entertaining this ridiculous bird-lady dress.

Ariella-092 Ariella-020 DIP1 Ariella-037 Ariella-064 Ariella-107 Ariella-112 Ariella-138 Ariella-162 Ariella-170 Ariella-172 Ariella-181 Ariella-189 DIP2 Ariella-203 Ariella-238 Ariella-249 Ariella-266 DIP3 Ariella-269 Ariella-272 Ariella-274 DIP4 Ariella-284 Ariella-288 Ariella-303 Ariella-307 DIP5

Alex & Mike


Alex & Mike recently got engaged, and we had a great time wandering around the Funk Zone and beach area of Downtown Santa Barbara. They moved here from New Jersey not too long ago, and I'm glad because it meant I got to work with them! I love the industrial feel of the beginning shots, followed by the soft, romantic tones of the ending after the sun had set. Such a sweet, attractive couple. :-)

AlexMikey-011 AlexMikey-015 AlexMikey-019 AlexMikey-032 AlexMikey-035 AlexMikey-048 DIP1 AlexMikey-059 AlexMikey-062 AlexMikey-064 AlexMikey-071 AlexMikey-078 AlexMikey-083 AlexMikey-089 AlexMikey-094 AlexMikey-095 AlexMikey-096 AlexMikey-104 AlexMikey-106 AlexMikey-109 AlexMikey-121 AlexMikey-125 AlexMikey-130 DIP2 AlexMikey-136 AlexMikey-138 AlexMikey-143 AlexMikey-145 AlexMikey-151 AlexMikey-153 AlexMikey-158 AlexMikey-164AlexMikey-159

Krissy & Erik

Goleta, California

The day of this shoot was the 3-year anniversary of when Erik first proposed to Krissy, so I thought it was sweet that we got to incorporate their wedding attire into some of the shots. They are an amazing couple with awesome style. Thanks again, Krissy & Erik!