Miki | Publication in Array Photo Journal

Happy to have one of my favorite shoots ever published in Array Photo Journal! Get your copy here. (By purchasing a copy, you’re supporting Array’s ability to feature more artists in the next volume!)

Model: Miki Hamano

Hair and makeup: Amy Lawson

Graphic Designer: P L Y G R N D

In case it’s hard to read, here’s the text I wrote:


Lately, all I can think about is color. I dream about colorful worlds, where I turn every corner and find a fresh, vibrant palette. Alleys of pink. Buildings of baby blue. Geometric yellow walls. Thankfully, a world like this does exist - it's called San Francisco.

Though I have always been attracted to color, by May 2017 it had become an obsession. I had caught the color bug, and this shoot was its first documented symptom.

I drove by this beautiful two-toned pink building in Visitacion Valley - the site of the grapefruit photos -  and was instantly charmed by its feminine potential. I knew I had to do a shoot there. From there, I stalked Google Streetview, looking for complementary buildings in the area that would complete the palette: pale yelllow, baby blue, and a two-toned raspberry & mint. I plotted out a route, picked out some outfits that would pair perfectly with the destinations, and set out with Amy (the hair & makeup artist) and Miki (the model) to make creative magic.

My dream of color was coming to life. I struggled to contain myself as I saw the images being made through my viewfinder, giddy with enthusiasm for the magical palette in front of me.

I consider this shoot to be a turning point in my work. It went from being "color is an option" to "color is the only option."

What I love about using color is that the same giddiness I feel when looking at colorful photos is passed on to my audience. I think people are naturally uplifted by color, especially when it's not part of their daily lives.

If it were up to me, every sidewalk would be pink. Every corner would allow two colors to meet, like a pair of old friends running into each other. Purple meets orange. Red meets magenta. If I were an architect, I would turn cities into my own personal rainbows.

For now, though, I'll just have to keep finding ways to fulfill these colorful visions through photography.