Ariella & Elliot

Santa Barbara Photographer | Ocean People Project

These two. This day was one of the coldest in Santa Barbara, but I am lucky enough to have friends that indulge my somewhat insane impulses. The Ocean People Project is something I've been working on for a while now. It's simple: people run into the ocean with their clothes on (the more formal or outlandish, the better). This is the first one I've published on my site because I'm trying to come up with a more complete collection before posting. More to come...

AriellaElliot-014 AriellaElliot-015 AriellaElliot-025 AriellaElliot-026 AriellaElliot-027 AriellaElliot-028 AriellaElliot-029 AriellaElliot-033 AriellaElliot-032 AriellaElliot-036 AriellaElliot-044 AriellaElliot-046 AriellaElliot-049 AriellaElliot-050 AriellaElliot-055 AriellaElliot-059 AriellaElliot-062