Pizza Makes You Beautiful | Oak & Rye

Oak & Rye | Los Gatos Photographer

I had a blast taking photos of Oak & Rye in downtown Los Gatos - and even came away with a free margherita pizza (my favorite)! The restaurant and its employees have such personality, which you can hopefully see in this set of photos. Keep scrolling, and let the mouth-watering begin!

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Self-Portraits | A Study in Orange


In September, the vision for these photos came to me in the form of a fine art painting. I pulled out an old dress that my mom wore to a wedding once, and the colors beckoned to be combined with the wall in their bedroom that we had just painted "Cavern Clay" in September. It may have taken a few months to materialize, but here it is: a study in orange. (Or, more accurately, Cavern Clay.)

OrangeWall-125 OrangeWall-048 OrangeWall-034 DIP2 OrangeWall-036 OrangeWall-013 OrangeWall-056 OrangeWall-064 OrangeWall-083 OrangeWall-110

And some "behind the scenes," because you can only have so much seriousness.

'OrangeWall-094 OrangeWall-109 OrangeWall-112 DIP1 OrangeWall-098