Santa Barbara | UCSB Class of 2015 | Senior Portraits

Kaylee was so great to work with. Originally from a dense, urban area in China, she wanted something more city-esque, which is always fun! We went downtown to the Funk Zone for some grittier shots, but not before we stopped at a great bookstore on the way. I love the color, shapes, and energy in these shots, not to mention her contagious smile! Thanks again, Kaylee, and congratulations on graduating!

Kaylee-005 DIP1 Kaylee-026 Kaylee-030 DIP2 Kaylee-063 Kaylee-075 Kaylee-076 Kaylee-077 Kaylee-082 DIP3 Kaylee-108 Kaylee-113 Kaylee-118 Kaylee-131 DIP4 Kaylee-153 Kaylee-157 DIP5 Kaylee-171 Kaylee-175 Kaylee-183 Kaylee-191 Kaylee-194 DIP6 Kaylee-215 Kaylee-213 Kaylee-206 Kaylee-242 Kaylee-249 Kaylee-259 DIP7 Kaylee-266 DIP8 Kaylee-289 DIP9 Kaylee-306

Alex & Mike


Alex & Mike recently got engaged, and we had a great time wandering around the Funk Zone and beach area of Downtown Santa Barbara. They moved here from New Jersey not too long ago, and I'm glad because it meant I got to work with them! I love the industrial feel of the beginning shots, followed by the soft, romantic tones of the ending after the sun had set. Such a sweet, attractive couple. :-)

AlexMikey-011 AlexMikey-015 AlexMikey-019 AlexMikey-032 AlexMikey-035 AlexMikey-048 DIP1 AlexMikey-059 AlexMikey-062 AlexMikey-064 AlexMikey-071 AlexMikey-078 AlexMikey-083 AlexMikey-089 AlexMikey-094 AlexMikey-095 AlexMikey-096 AlexMikey-104 AlexMikey-106 AlexMikey-109 AlexMikey-121 AlexMikey-125 AlexMikey-130 DIP2 AlexMikey-136 AlexMikey-138 AlexMikey-143 AlexMikey-145 AlexMikey-151 AlexMikey-153 AlexMikey-158 AlexMikey-164AlexMikey-159