Santa Barbara | UCSB Class of 2015 | Senior Portraits

Kaylee was so great to work with. Originally from a dense, urban area in China, she wanted something more city-esque, which is always fun! We went downtown to the Funk Zone for some grittier shots, but not before we stopped at a great bookstore on the way. I love the color, shapes, and energy in these shots, not to mention her contagious smile! Thanks again, Kaylee, and congratulations on graduating!

Kaylee-005 DIP1 Kaylee-026 Kaylee-030 DIP2 Kaylee-063 Kaylee-075 Kaylee-076 Kaylee-077 Kaylee-082 DIP3 Kaylee-108 Kaylee-113 Kaylee-118 Kaylee-131 DIP4 Kaylee-153 Kaylee-157 DIP5 Kaylee-171 Kaylee-175 Kaylee-183 Kaylee-191 Kaylee-194 DIP6 Kaylee-215 Kaylee-213 Kaylee-206 Kaylee-242 Kaylee-249 Kaylee-259 DIP7 Kaylee-266 DIP8 Kaylee-289 DIP9 Kaylee-306

Julia K.

Goleta, California Photographer | UCSB Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

I just love working with seniors! For the first (and last) time, I am also a college senior, and it's so fun to be surrounded by so much enthusiasm for UCSB and graduation. Julia and I were able to get some great shots over at the Butterfly Preserve – isn't her smile contagious?

JuliaK-023 JuliaK-050 JuliaK-056 DIP1 JuliaK-127 JuliaK-145 JuliaK-158 JuliaK-166 DIP2 JuliaK-206 JuliaK-211 JuliaK-214 JuliaK-226 DIP3 JuliaK-232 JuliaK-243 JuliaK-248 JuliaK-257 JuliaK-271 JuliaK-283 JuliaK-301 JuliaK-302 JuliaK-308 JuliaK-314 JuliaK-334 JuliaK-342 DIP4 JuliaK-346 JuliaK-349 DIP5 JuliaK-371


Goleta, California Photographer | UCSB Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

Had such a great time exploring this magical forest and beach bluff with Ariana. I hope this series accurately reflects her joyful, creative spirit!

Ariana-023 00DIP1 Ariana-034 00DIP2 Ariana-041 00DIP3 Ariana-109 Ariana-139 00DIP4 Ariana-155 00DIP5 Ariana-166 Ariana-189 Ariana-202 Ariana-172 Ariana-195 00DIP6 Ariana-207 Ariana-217 Ariana-229 Ariana-263 Ariana-249 Ariana-260 00DIP7 Ariana-283 Ariana-296

Julia O.

Goleta, California Photographer | UCSB Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

I knew Julia's shoot was going to be fun from the moment she asked to incorporate a skateboard. I found out she was also a surfer, so we decided to make use both kinds of boards for her photos! I love how full of motion these photos are. Julia has such a magnetic personality, which will hopefully suit her well at law school in the fall!

JuliaO-070 00DIP1 JuliaO-056 00DIP2 JuliaO-090 JuliaO-087 00DIP3 JuliaO-104 JuliaO-130 JuliaO-127 JuliaO-150 JuliaO-157 00DIP4 JuliaO-172 JuliaO-217 JuliaO-219 JuliaO-221 JuliaO-227 JuliaO-243 JuliaO-250 JuliaO-269

Sydney & Alex

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA PHOTOGRAPHERYou may see a familiar face in this post. Sydney did some modeling for me in the past, so when her boyfriend Alex contacted me saying he wanted to gift her a couples session for her birthday, I was thrilled! These two are so fun to be around and so attractive - I told them they should sign up for couples modeling. Thanks again, Alex and Sydney!

SydneyAlex-074 SydneyAlex-065 SydneyAlex-025 DIP1 SydneyAlex-118 SydneyAlex-184 DIP2 SydneyAlex-198 SydneyAlex-207 SydneyAlex-210 SydneyAlex-214 SydneyAlex-219 SydneyAlex-224 SydneyAlex-230 SydneyAlex-236 SydneyAlex-246 SydneyAlex-247 SydneyAlex-254 SydneyAlex-260 SydneyAlex-262 DIP3 SydneyAlex-272 SydneyAlex-281 SydneyAlex-286 DIP4 SydneyAlex-293 SydneyAlex-298 SydneyAlex-329 DIP5 SydneyAlex-341 SydneyAlex-343 SydneyAlex-350 SydneyAlex-353 SydneyAlex-361 SydneyAlex-366