Cassandra & Steve

South Lake Tahoe Photographer | Lupine field photo session

These two lovely people found a perfect spot for us to shoot in South Lake Tahoe. The area was so breathtaking – a meadow, a river, and a lupine field all on the edge of the lake – making for some truly beautiful shots. Thanks, Cassandra and Steve! I had a great time working with you.

CassandraSteve-069 CassandraSteve-036 DIP1 CassandraSteve-073 CassandraSteve-040 CassandraSteve-054 CassandraSteve-057 DIP2 CassandraSteve-064 CassandraSteve-081 CassandraSteve-096 CassandraSteve-110 CassandraSteve-113 CassandraSteve-115 CassandraSteve-132 CassandraSteve-137 CassandraSteve-138 CassandraSteve-140 DIP3 CassandraSteve-159 CassandraSteve-150 CassandraSteve-172 CassandraSteve-175 CassandraSteve-183 CassandraSteve-194 CassandraSteve-199 DIP4 CassandraSteve-216 CassandraSteve-223 CassandraSteve-230 CassandraSteve-233 CassandraSteve-242 DIP5

5 Housemates' Senior Photos

Santa Barbara, CA | UCSB Class of 2015 | Senior Portraits

After getting her own photos done, Karen brought her four housemates back for a group photoshoot, which was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see all these personalities come together! I think they should all go model for Free People.

Karen_etal-002 Karen_etal-011 Karen_etal-036 Karen_etal-038 Karen_etal-043 Karen_etal-047 Karen_etal-051 Karen_etal-071 Karen_etal-078 Karen_etal-083 Karen_etal-089 Karen_etal-091 Karen_etal-103 Karen_etal-115 Karen_etal-118 Karen_etal-119 Karen_etal-121 Karen_etal-127 Karen_etal-130 Karen_etal-145

Cacti Self-Portraits


I was inspired by a senior session the night before (photos to come) to return to this spot and take some self-portraits with these cacti. Aren't they cool? It's all around a great spot because there aren't many people around (the most awkward part about taking self-portraits), and it's right by the UCSB lagoon – you don't have to go far around here to find a variety of biomes.

Also, I'm not a fashion blogger, but I just have to say that this whole outfit was purchased at Crossroads (at different points in time) for less than $20. That's a Lucky Brand shirt and a J. Crew sweater right there. Boom.

DianeCacti-089 DianeCacti-155 00DIP1 DianeCacti-099 DianeCacti-129 DianeCacti-174 DianeCacti-249 DianeCacti-288 DianeCacti-261 DianeCacti-311 DianeCacti-244 DianeCacti-207 DianeCacti-196



 Sempervirens: "ever green, everlasting." Redwoods are incredible; they can live for 2,000+ years, they're fire-, insect-, and disease-resistant, and their needles absorb morning fog for moisture. Drop one of their seed pods in a vile of water, and it will turn a rich burgundy from the seed's tannic acid content. As we walk, the scent of bay leaves and rich forest dirt permeates the air, as golden dust hangs in the lingering sunlight. This shoot is one of my favorites. I hope the photos accurately reflect the magic of the redwood forest. It couldn't have been done without the help of hair & make-up artist Terry Alabata and software-engineer-by-day and model-by-night Olga Silina, who are both two awesome, talented ladies.

Olga-005 Olga-055 DIP1 Olga-103 Olga-096 Olga-093 Olga-090 Olga-226 Olga-072 Olga-131 DIP2 Olga-162 Olga-183 DIP3 Olga-203 Olga-197 Olga-214 DIP4 Olga-236 Olga-025

Self-Portraits | A Study in Orange


In September, the vision for these photos came to me in the form of a fine art painting. I pulled out an old dress that my mom wore to a wedding once, and the colors beckoned to be combined with the wall in their bedroom that we had just painted "Cavern Clay" in September. It may have taken a few months to materialize, but here it is: a study in orange. (Or, more accurately, Cavern Clay.)

OrangeWall-125 OrangeWall-048 OrangeWall-034 DIP2 OrangeWall-036 OrangeWall-013 OrangeWall-056 OrangeWall-064 OrangeWall-083 OrangeWall-110

And some "behind the scenes," because you can only have so much seriousness.

'OrangeWall-094 OrangeWall-109 OrangeWall-112 DIP1 OrangeWall-098