Palo Alto, California photographer | Arastradero Preserve | September 13, 2015

Sometimes I'm disappointed when the sun doesn't show its face for a shoot, but in this case, the cloud/smoke cover diffused the light beautifully, making shooting at any angle possible. Kimberly and Minta worked so hard to make this shoot come together - thanks, ladies!

Model: Minta Hsu // HMUA: Kimberly MacPhee // Flowers: Simply Stunning Events

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What's not to love about a red polka dot dress, California poppies, green hillsides, and red balloons? Had a great time working with Jessica - she was so enthusiastic and had many wonderful ideas. I love working with people who inspire me in new directions - and help me get through barbed wire fences!

Jessica-095 Jessica-045 Jessica-026 DIP1 Jessica-066 Jessica-086 Jessica-107 DIP2 Jessica-167 Jessica-182 Jessica-194 Jessica-158 Jessica-226 Jessica-240 Jessica-234 Jessica-244 Jessica-223 Jessica-215 Jessica-250