Sydney & Alex

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA PHOTOGRAPHERYou may see a familiar face in this post. Sydney did some modeling for me in the past, so when her boyfriend Alex contacted me saying he wanted to gift her a couples session for her birthday, I was thrilled! These two are so fun to be around and so attractive - I told them they should sign up for couples modeling. Thanks again, Alex and Sydney!

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 Sempervirens: "ever green, everlasting." Redwoods are incredible; they can live for 2,000+ years, they're fire-, insect-, and disease-resistant, and their needles absorb morning fog for moisture. Drop one of their seed pods in a vile of water, and it will turn a rich burgundy from the seed's tannic acid content. As we walk, the scent of bay leaves and rich forest dirt permeates the air, as golden dust hangs in the lingering sunlight. This shoot is one of my favorites. I hope the photos accurately reflect the magic of the redwood forest. It couldn't have been done without the help of hair & make-up artist Terry Alabata and software-engineer-by-day and model-by-night Olga Silina, who are both two awesome, talented ladies.

Olga-005 Olga-055 DIP1 Olga-103 Olga-096 Olga-093 Olga-090 Olga-226 Olga-072 Olga-131 DIP2 Olga-162 Olga-183 DIP3 Olga-203 Olga-197 Olga-214 DIP4 Olga-236 Olga-025