Cassandra & Steve

South Lake Tahoe Photographer | Lupine field photo session

These two lovely people found a perfect spot for us to shoot in South Lake Tahoe. The area was so breathtaking – a meadow, a river, and a lupine field all on the edge of the lake – making for some truly beautiful shots. Thanks, Cassandra and Steve! I had a great time working with you.

CassandraSteve-069 CassandraSteve-036 DIP1 CassandraSteve-073 CassandraSteve-040 CassandraSteve-054 CassandraSteve-057 DIP2 CassandraSteve-064 CassandraSteve-081 CassandraSteve-096 CassandraSteve-110 CassandraSteve-113 CassandraSteve-115 CassandraSteve-132 CassandraSteve-137 CassandraSteve-138 CassandraSteve-140 DIP3 CassandraSteve-159 CassandraSteve-150 CassandraSteve-172 CassandraSteve-175 CassandraSteve-183 CassandraSteve-194 CassandraSteve-199 DIP4 CassandraSteve-216 CassandraSteve-223 CassandraSteve-230 CassandraSteve-233 CassandraSteve-242 DIP5