Pop! Harsh Light Pack


*My most popular pack!* Afraid of shooting at high noon? Worry no more. 12 presets all designed to make your photos flourish in harsh light. You’ll love the look they bring for sunset, sunrise, and middle-of-the-day images: crisp, golden, but still dreamy!

Image to left edited with Pop! Red

Pop! Harsh Light pack is ideal for:

-Slightly under-exposed photos

-Harsh light situations. This means any light that is directly shining on the subject (includes sunset, sunrise, indoor artificial light, and mid-day light).

-RAW & JPEG files. Has been tested on Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm images.

All sales are final. To have your images edited with these presets before you buy, email your own unedited images to presets@lookslikefilm.comSpecify that you'd like to see them edited with the Pop! Harsh Light Pack.

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