Padraic + Me + The Ginkgo Tree

Sometimes my personal work gets buried beneath everything else that piles up on my list of things to do. I'll get home really excited about the photos, edit and post a few, and then forget about them as I work on other items. I don't think every shoot is meant to be well-planned with intentions of sharing with the world; it's okay if it sinks into my external hard drive to be discovered years later. This shoot is an example of something that was almost forgotten, but luckily I pulled it out of the depths of my filing system and brought it to life. Here it is, five months later: Padraic + me + the ginkgo tree. photoofginkgotree4photoofginkgotree5photoofginkgotree1photoofginkgotree6photoofginkgotree8photoofginkgotree2photoofginkgotree7photoofginkgotree3photoofginkgotree9photoofginkgotree10