Bay Area Photographer | Mt. Tamalpais Photoshoot

Kelsey and I found each other on Instagram and knew we had to shoot! We decided to go to Mt. Tamalpais and stopped along the way by these Acacia trees. We then drove up the mountain along the winding road past waterfalls & redwoods until a scene of rolling green hills opened up before us. I can definitely understand why they film car commercials here! The mood of the shoot fluctuates between warm and bright to dark and moody, which, although a bit disjointed, is how I like things to be.

Kelsey-007 Kelsey-003 Kelsey-009 Kelsey-063 Kelsey-012 Kelsey-020 Kelsey-017 Kelsey-022

00DIP1 Kelsey-034 Kelsey-037 Kelsey-040 00DIP2 Kelsey-050 Kelsey-055 00DIP3 Kelsey-068 Kelsey-073 Kelsey-086 Kelsey-094 Kelsey-095 Kelsey-100 Kelsey-103 Kelsey-151 Kelsey-156 Kelsey-117 Kelsey-116 00DIP4 Kelsey-114 Kelsey-126 Kelsey-146 Kelsey-142 Kelsey-138 Kelsey-134 00DIP5 Kelsey-131 Kelsey-161 Kelsey-160 Kelsey-148