Summer 2014 |From My iPhone

Lately I've been wanting to do something with my mobile photos. Sometimes there are portfolio-worthy shots; more often, Instagram-worthy shots. But what about all the in-betweens? The cat photos, the giant ice cream cones, the feet shots...will they just rot away in my cumbersome Flickr grids? (Which I use as my cloud back-up...)

I thought about ordering monthly prints of select mobile photos, but that would be relatively costly and would require me to either file them away in an album or post them on a wall (which would fill up quickly). Perhaps that will be an option in the future, but for now I think I'd like to occasionally (maybe monthly?) post a personal entry of my life's in-betweens.

So here's my first sampling of iPhoneography. Some odds and ends from the past month or so as I stopped working and went on vacation. Captioned and all.


Starting off with a cat picture, just to grab your attention.


^^ Next, a day at "work." Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Taking photos of kids at an English language learners exchange camp.


^^Still at work. Giants' game.


^^ Right: Me trying to look like I'm not taking a selfie while eating a Ghirardelli chocolate cone at the Giants' game. I paid $9.00 for that cone. It was worth every cent. Left: Padraic and I doing dishes. Because there was no better placement for this picture.


^^ Extreme drought conditions at the lake I've been going to since I was 6 months old. I've seen this lake with water up to the trees, but I don't think I've ever seen it this low. This entire stretch of land with the road is usually completely underwater. Currently we're having to use the "volunteer ramp" to launch ski boats with only a few feet left to go before there's no place to launch boats. To put it in perspective, there are three to four other ramps that cater to higher water levels. That's a lot of missing water.


^^ Padraic + the Tigé.


^^ Me + the Tigé. Volunteer ramp in the background.


^^ Self-explanatory, but I'll caption it anyway: pretty sunset!


^^The weekend Padraic learned to double ski. In the span of about three weeks, he progressed from learning to swim to cutting pretty nicely on slalom ski.



^^We took Mormor to Henry Cowell again after I'd been there with the camp. It was a nice stroll in the redwoods.


More kitty pictures


^^ Me meeting my best friend Alice's baby brother for the first time + a wild sunflower in Nevada.


Another fun boat weekend. Everyone else was sitting in something, so Cody decided the kayak would make a nice place to lounge.

IMG_2407 DIP8

^^ Padraic and I left the boat the following Monday morning and started our journey to the cabin (near Tahoe). We stopped at an amazing spot along the Mokelumne River.

IMG_2525 IMG_2534 IMG_2591

^^ Made it to the cabin and went on a walk down to a more permanent residential street, which has pretty houses like these. Lover's Leap in the background (I prefer to notate that with an apostrophe before the 's').


^^ Another shot from the residential loop + some vintage waterskis in an antique shop in Carson City.


^^Padraic in The Walk Shop in Berkeley (random) + random cabin


^^The day after we got to the cabin, we went on one of my favorite hikes, Horsetail Falls. I love the greeny-blue pools in the waterfall.


^^Comparable to a view of Yosemite, don't you think?


^^Padraic boldly scaling the rocky face.


^^A totally random picture I wanted to squeeze in here to separate some diptychs. Sitting on the porch, waiting.


^^Our dinner after the Horsetail hike. I always feel happy about making a substantial meal on my own (can you tell I'm still 21?)


^^On our way to Tahoe to visit with my aunt and uncle. They have a timeshare on the Nevada side and were gracious enough to host us for a few days.


^^A very attractive selfie on the river.


^^Me in the lake + a casino. We were heading up to eat at the top floor buffet of this casino, and let me tell you, that buffet was incredible. Especially the seemingly endless dessert cases.


Keep Tahoe blue.


^^A little road trip to Carson City. Stopped in Genoa, the oldest town in Nevada.


^^Padraic in front of a raspberry wall.


^^Really creepy antique store in Genoa (we think that's a real skeleton in a casket).


^^ "give me time to walk over"...#seemslegit


^^ Me in front of a raspberry wall.


^^My uncle told me these might be hawthorn berries.


^^Stopping at Camp Richardson for ice cream has become a requisite part of going to Tahoe. That is a split single scoop.


^^Posing in/at rivers seems to consume a large chunk of our lives.


Some back at home shots.


^^ Grand finale. The Fritz helping us pick accent wall paint colors for my parents' room. Can it get more adorable?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Look for more mobile updates in the future!