Field Day | Darling Magazine Publication

As you may have noticed, I love symmetry. I love odd numbers that allow one central focal piece to be surrounded on either side by duplicates of itself. I love the repetition that identical objects create as they cascade into the depth of the photo. Quintuplets are hard to find. (If you know any, send them my way!) So, for this shoot, I had to get a bit creative. What you see below is one model, Ksenia Koulechova, composited into 3-5 clones of herself.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video to see how I shot and composited these images.

Hair & Makeup by Inna Mathews

Styling by Jessie Couberly

Featuring an amazing jumpsuit by local designer Only Child

Published in Darling Magazine, Issue No. 21 (scroll to the bottom to see the tearsheets!)

Special thanks to my neighbor Jeff Bierach for allowing us to put his chickens in the spotlight. :)

Darling Magazine Tearsheets: