Dublin, California PhotographerI often say that some of my best shoots are always last-minute - and this no exception! I'd been wanting to do a 1970s-inspired shoot for some time, and I went to this great thrift store in San Jose called Moon Zooom, where I found all these awesome clothes (and more, but I had to walk away). A week later, I had a day off from work and was really pushing to find someone to do the shoot with me. On Thursday night, I contacted Ksenia, and just after midnight on Friday, I received a text from her stating that she could come model for me as early as 9:00 on Saturday! I didn't even read the text until 7:00am or so on Saturday, but I got out of bed and got ready to shoot. It was a rainy day, and we managed to get some spots of sunshine and dodge the drops. All in all, a great impromptu shoot

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