Figuring out how to edit your photos can be tricky. I’ve spent years getting a handle on post-production, and that’s why I’m here: to share what I’ve learned with you. Pop! Presets are derived from a single set of tones – the original Pop! Preset. While the lighting and colors of your scene may change, you’ll still have a thread of consistency weaving your work together.

The Pop! Preset packs were born out of a desire to share my edits exactly as they end up – as close to “one-click” as you can get.

Pop! Soft Light


This pack of 12 presets is perfect for shooting in soft light. Whether your subject is facing a window or in the shade of a tree, these presets will maximize the magic of soft light. With creamy skin tones and tasteful desaturation, you’ll love the soft dreaminess they bring.

(Photo to left edited with Pop! Dennis & Mary)

Included Presets

Bryte, Dennis & Mary, Desert (Soft Light), Dunes, Fog, Frisbee, Georgia, Greenhouse, Hearst, Ksenia, Tennis, Sophia

Pop! Harsh Light


Afraid of shooting at high noon? Worry no more. 12 presets all designed to make your photos flourish in harsh light. You’ll love the look they bring for sunset, sunrise, and middle-of-the-day images: crisp, golden, but still dreamy!

(Photo to right edited with Pop! Red)

Included Presets

Blue Sky, Coast, Desert (Harsh Light), Elevator, Highlands, Highlands 2, Kelsey, Red, Sun, Redhead, Sutro, Yucca

Pop! Color


This signature pack of 8 presets is based off of my Miki shoot. Those interested in shooting against colorful walls and other vibrant backdrops will love the dainty tones and graphic feel it lends to photos.

(Photo to left edited with Pop! Pink Grapefruit)

Included Presets

Banana, Blue, Blue 2, Pink, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Watermelon 2, Yellow

Pop! Original


The preset that started it all. The original Pop! Preset (1 preset only) comes with the core toning that every other preset is based off of. It takes a few more steps to get it to the end result, but it’s perfect for those who like experimenting!

(Photo to right edited with Pop! Original)